Are Old Fuse Panels Dangerous?

Do your lights often flicker? A NEW Breaker Panel Upgrade and/or Service Upgrade can often solve the problems.


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Upgrading an Old Fuse Panel to a NEW Breaker Panel will give you added safety, peace of mind and increased $$$ value to your home.


Older homes often present dangerous fire conditions due to older fuse panel being overloaded. Old wiring often adds to the dangers associated with Old Fuse Panels, when larger fuses are used, to keep the overload from re-blowing the fuse. The blown fuse is telling you something—it’s telling you that a FIRE danger exists if the overload is not corrected.



SO REMEMBER—when the installing electrician SELECTED the original fuse(s) they were selected based on the wire size, to maintain a safe installation.



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safe operating condition. The fact that old Fuse Panels makes it so easy to install bigger fuses—is exactly why they are





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